Staying Focused

Staying focused is so hard to do when the world around you is falling apart. As I’m running getting the exercise I need and releasing the stress that’s been on me all day. I want to stretch my arms out into the cold crisp air and scream to the top of my lungs because I feel free of everything.



I will never understanding why people go through so many ups and Downs. I’ve always been told things happen to make you stronger, if you don’t go through things you’ll never learn and never give up it will get better. Even though this maybe true depending on what we’ve experienced. What about the scars triles and tribulations leave on us?

Can Someone Tell My Daughter Who God Is Please.



“Momma, who is God?”.  

My daughter asked me that question last summer.  I am still trying to figure out how to answer her.

I didn’t grow up going to church. I say that with no hard or jaded feelings about the fact.  I feel like I heard a lot about God, having grown up in middle Georgia.  However, the conversation always felt more like “someone” that other people knew.  I never met him.

Like my daughter is starting to now, I saw a lot of gray matter in the way people, especially the ones that made it a point to remind you how often they went to church, presented themselves and the way they authentically were when around like minded people.

Hypocrisy was something I couldn’t name back then but I felt it every time I heard a self proclaimed Christian person use the N word.  Sort of today’s version of “No I don’t think you’re going…

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Fashion Bashing and Gabourey Sidibe

Dances With Fat

Gabourey Sidibe attended the Golden Globes and was criticized for her body, her dress, and how the dress fit her body. Although she shouldn’t have had to deal with it, her response was brilliant and, if it were possible for me to be more of a fan of her, this would do it:


Obviously I think all of the fat bashing comments about her are complete bullshit.  But there is something else that’s been bugging me as well. Before I get into this I know that this blog is controversial and there are many who will disagree with me and that’s totally ok.  I want to be clear that people have every right to do the things that I’m about to discuss, I’m not the boss of anyone else’s underpants and I’m not trying to tell anyone else how to live. My goal is, as always, to give people something…

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